Legal Document Preparation Undergraduate Certificate

In the Legal Document Preparer Certificate Program students will be introduced to the expectations and roles of the legal assistant or paralegal. Students will explore common areas of law that legal assistants will be exposed to in the profession. Students will be introduced to the legal research process and preparation of legal documents in support of the work of lawyers and others in the field. This certificate includes 24 credit hours within Lakewood University’s Associate of Applied Business in Paralegal Studies and can be taken as a stepping stone towards further education.

Program Outcomes

  • Describe the American legal system, its structure, and how it operates
  • Discuss societal issues and ethical considerations for attorneys and paralegals
  • Identify the elements in various areas of law including criminal, contract, business, tort, property, will & estates, and family law
  • Identify the elements of defense to various intentional torts
  • Explain how contracts are formed
  • Conduct legal research and demonstrate the basis of legal correspondence
  • Identify an organization’s stakeholder, its ethical issues and define the concept of social responsibility
  • Demonstrate language fundamental necessary to communicate effectively with an emphasis on workplace oral and written communication
Total credits:



Undergraduate Certificate

Program Length

Undergraduate degree certificate consists of 8 courses (3 credit hours each) totaling 24 credit hours.