Associate of Applied Business in Paralegal Studies

The Associate of Applied Business in Paralegal Studies will prepare students to support attorneys in transactional and litigations fields through legal research, document drafting, case management, evidence gathering and the litigation procedure. Paralegals are often involved in trial assistance and other dispute resolution processes, as well as with preparation of real estate documents, wills, trusts, contracts, corporate matters and law office investigations. Emphasis is placed on the development of legal office skills such as case management, legal research, discovery, docketing, drafting, and analyzing legal documents, and alternative dispute resolution.

 Further, concentration on critical thinking and decision making, human relations, and communications coupled with general education classes is designed to produce well-qualified legal assistants. The emphasis in this program is placed on marketable skills.

Program Outcomes

  • Describe the American legal system, its structure, and how it operates
  • Discuss ethical considerations for attorneys and paralegals
  • Identify the paralegal’s role
  • Identify the elements in various areas of law including: criminal, contract, business, tort, property, wills & estates, and family law
  • Identify various conflict resolution processes
  • Evaluate societal issues
  • Describe how law firms are structured
  • Describe how computers are used within the law office
  • Analyze landlord and tenant law
  • Identify the sources of criminal law
  • Describe the composition of a family law office
  • Identify the elements and defenses to various intentional torts
  • Explain how contracts are formed
  • Demonstrate the basics of legal correspondence
  • Examine the drafting of wills and trusts
  • Conduct legal research
  • Demonstrate interpersonal skills
  • Identify modern principles of psychology
Total credits:



Associate Degree of Applied Business

Program Length

Length of Program: 2 years, 63 Credit Hours