Pharmacy Technician Diploma Program – PHAR

Lakewood University’s Pharmacy Technician program prepares students to aid licensed pharmacists prepare medications, provide customer service, and perform administrative duties within a pharmacy setting. The program outlines the proper communication skills necessary for pharmacy technicians which include telecommunication skills and interpersonal communication skills. The course will focus on the accuracy necessary to ensure that information on prescriptions is complete and accurate. Students in this program will gain the knowledge and skills to qualify them for entry-level positions in pharmacies as well as to be prepared for the National Certification Exam.

State Requirements

State boards may impose a variety of different requirements. These requirements vary from state to state. (The states of Florida, Indiana, Nevada, North Dakota, South Carolina, Utah, and Washington will not consider the training received in this program adequate to fulfill pharmacy technician credentialing requirements. You should contact the State Board of Pharmacy to obtain the requirements applicable to pharmacy technicians in your state.)

Program Outcomes

  • Interpret physician orders and prescriptions for accuracy
  • Explain the role a pharmacy technician plays in the compounding of medications
  • Define medical and pharmaceutical terms and common abbreviations
  • Describe the role that the pharmacy technician plays in the pharmacy
  • Perform basic pharmaceutical calculations
  • Explain the differences between brand and generic medications
  • Recognize the role that the pharmacy plays in preventative services such as immunizations
  • Identify the individual state requirements for a pharmacy technician
  • Demonstrate the basic skills needed to effectively prepare for an interview
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Program Length

16 Weeks