Paralegal/Legal Assistant Diploma Program – PARA

Law practice is one of the most noble and ancient professions in human history. This course introduces students to the subject of legal assisting and paralegal studies. For those interested in working with attorneys in a professional environment, this course provides a detailed overview of basic law principals and the growing reliance upon non-lawyers to provide efficient and ethical legal services to individuals, businesses, organizations and government agencies in today’s global and technology driven world.

Learning in this course may further student’s understanding of legal research, writing and analysis. Students can expect to learn about computer software prevalent in law offices and courthouses across the United States. Understanding legal protocol and having the ability to locate statutes and laws enables students to live and work more effectively in our complex and litigious society.

Program Outcomes

  • Demonstrate basic legal research with an ability to locate many court cases, statutes and laws.
  • Distinguish between the roles of paralegals & attorneys.
  • Use software like HotDocs, Tabs3 and Adobe commonly prevalent in legal businesses.
  • Create a spreadsheet using legal billing as an example of its importance in business environments.
  • Explain sources of American law from constitutions, legislative statutes and municipal ordinances.
  • Demonstrate an improved understanding of legal terminology through various forms of communication within established protocol.
  • Discuss how law firms operate as a business, generate revenue from clients and evaluate staff.
  • Develop a career plan for employment while understanding the importance of professionalism.
  • Explain common legal issues relevant in business, contracts, property disputes and more.
  • Design a basic compliant for Negligence and understand common Torts and defense thereto.
  • Identify how to become an Independent Paralegal/ Legal Document Preparer.
  • Construct the basics of legal investigations, conduct client, witness, and informational interviews
  • Interpret facts into legal issues and evaluate evidence for use in preparing office memorandums.
  • Describe practical tools for avoiding common mistakes while employed within the legal profession.
  • Locate and understand important ethical rules regulating legal professionals to protect clients.
Total credits:




Program Length

36 Weeks