Motivational Speaker Certificate Program

Among many things, we will use a combination of instructional videos, written content, live simulation experiences and web chats to teach students how to develop/create their own Brand, Bio, resume', videos of them speaking publicly, a website, social media pages dedicated to their public speaking career, a YouTube page, an Electronic Press Kit (EPK) and while not mandated, creating a podcast and or, a blog/vlog would help to deepen their impression within the medium.

Program Outcomes

  • Plan and prepare speeches that inform, persuade, or fulfill the needs of a special occasion
  • Select and develop topics for speeches
  • Use presentation aids to enhance your speeches
  • Outline your speeches in a logical and thorough fashion
  • Conduct meaningful research on a variety of topics
  • Analyze your audience and design speeches to reflect your analysis
  • Evaluate speeches based on a variety of verbal and non-verbal criteria
  • Listen effectively, regardless of your interest in the subject matter
  • Developing a marketing plan
Total credits:




Program Length

16 Weeks