Medical Billing Certificate Program – MBILL

Lakewood University’s Medical Billing program is to provide a comprehensive understanding of medical billing and its components. This program will contain many topics regarding medical billing topics such as managed care, insurance claim processing, a brief introduction to ICD-10-CM coding, HCPCS coding, and CPT coding and reimbursement methodologies. It will also cover claim form submission for Medicare, Medicaid, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Workers’ Compensation, and TRICARE. It will also cover the basic office needs, how coding and billing interrelate, and how to maintain and establish the electronic health record.

Program Outcomes

  • Define medical terms
  • Explain the importance of health insurances and managed health care
  • Process an insurance claim through the following: commercial insurance, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Medicare, Medicaid, TRICARE, and Workers’ Compensation
  • Demonstrate the basics of medical coding
  • Explain the importance of coding for medical necessity
  • Explain the legalities of medical billing
  • Follow essential CMS-1500 Claim instructions
Total credits:




Program Length

16 Weeks