Master’s Degree in Business Administration

The Lakewood University Master of Business Administration Program prepares students for professional opportunities in business administration by providing them a robust knowledgebase requisite to effectively and efficiently operating a business in today’s global business environment. Using a blend of real-world projects, applications, and their unique learning styles, students will develop business, management, and leadership skills that foster innovation. Through Lakewood University’s MBA Program’s structure, core courses, and distance learning model, students will be able to develop and strengthen business, management, and leadership skills they need to excel and to distinguish themselves in a competitive marketplace.

The program is designed to be completed following a prescribed order provided below in the credit hour breakdown.

All courses must be completed with a passing grade prior to registering for CAPS500, with the exception of ETDM500, which is taken concurrently with CAPS500.

Program Outcomes

Students will:

  • Students will employ systematic and analytical decision-making skills to identify and to solve complex organizational issues and problems;
  • Students will develop strategies for business growth rooted in evidence-based practices.
  • Students will identify and analyze key managerial skills to create innovation and induce change in various business environments.
  • Students will evaluate the implications and ethical ramifications of changing environmental factors on organizational choices within a global environment; identify and analyze existing and emerging concepts managerial skills that lead to innovation.
  • Students will apply key business skills to breadth of business domains.

Credit Hour Breakdown

*This credit hour breakdown is a precursor course sequence. All courses must be taking in the sequence below.

Total credits:



Master of Business Administration

Program Length

2 years, 36 Credit Hours