Cybersecurity Undergraduate Certificate

The Cybersecurity program is designed to equip participants with the essential skills and knowledge needed to excel in the fiel.. This program covers a wide array of critical topics, including Information Security technologies, contingency planning, and system monitoring, enabling students to examine the foundations of secure data management. Participants will also delve into network management, focusing on threat assessment, network security, and strategic mitigation planning. In addition, the program includes in-depth coverage of firewall technologies and strategies for designing secure computer systems. The curriculum extends to computer system role management, emphasizing security policies, standards, and procedures to ensure effective governance of IT resources. Moreover, students will gain expertise in project management, mastering the entire project lifecycle from initiation to closure in various IT system projects. Ethical and legal standards in IT systems are explored, allowing students to apply these principles in practice. Finally, this program prepares individuals to excel in industry-recognized CompTIA certifications, including Security +, Network +, Project +, and A+, empowering them to succeed in today's cybersecurity landscape.



Program Outcomes

  • Examine Information Security technologies, critical contingency planning best practices, and factors for effective system monitoring.
  • Explain the management of various networks involving network threats, securing a network, and best practices for strategic mitigation planning.
  • Design secure computer systems by learning key firewall technologies and implementing effective firewall strategies.
  • Discuss Computer System role management, including security policies, standards, and procedures.
  • Apply standard Project Management practices from initiating, planning, performing, controlling, and closing various IT system projects.
  • Apply theories and practical knowledge of IT systems ethical and legal standards. 
  • Prepare for and pass the CompTIA Security +, Network +, Project +, and A+ certification examinations.
Total credits:



Undergraduate Certificate

Program Length

Four 3 credit hour courses for a total of 12 credit hours