Criminal Justice Certificate Program – CRJ

Lakewood University’s Criminal Justice program is to provide a comprehensive understanding of the criminal justice program and its components. This program will contain many topics regarding modern criminal justice issues such as effective policing, courts, causes of crime, prisons and sentencing as well as the types of crime and will discuss how the topics interrelate by using various learning methods.

Program Outcomes

  • Discussing the growth of criminal justice today
  • Identify the major causes of crime
  • Define and measure crime using various tools
  • Discuss the basics of criminal law
  • Describe the rules of law enforcement and identify key elements of The Constitution
  • Describe the trial process
  • Explain the various punishments and sentencings for crimes
  • Describe what probation is and what community corrections are
  • Describe conditions and purposes of prisons and jails
  • Explain juvenile justice
  • Explain why homeland security and white-collar crime are key criminal justice issues
Total credits:




Program Length

16 Weeks