Bachelors Degree in Healthcare Administration

To prepare students for challenging, fast-paced environments in Healthcare settings by offering and giving them an in-depth background in the functional areas of a healthcare settings in this modern world, such as vitalizing human resources, hospital finance/accounting, healthcare administration, leadership and operations. Student will obtain key skills they can apply promptly in the Hospitals, doctors’ offices, nursing homes, surgical facilities, rehabilitation centers, and emergency clinics. Besides, students will be benefitted by receiving general education required for lifelong personal growth in today’s global economy along with the foundation of further studies.

Program Outcomes

  • Explain and distinguish the organizational culture, structure, performance, terminology among U.S. and global healthcare systems
  • Prepare students to maintain accurate financial records, prepare budgets, analyze variance and assess risks and return opportunities, making recommendations for action based on organizational goals
  • Create organizational policies and execute decisions in accordance with the legal, regulatory and ethical considerations, with particular consideration on the IT processes and structure and how information technology impact all aspects of the healthcare delivery
  • Prepare students in a way to solve strategic, tactical and operational issues in managing healthcare systems and associated information technology using organizational knowledge, talent management and critical thinking
  • Improve the skills related to team and talent management, organizational skills, supervision and coaching techniques so that the students can lead across organization, department, and work group units effectively by meeting organizational goals in a variety of healthcare environments
  • Improve oral and written communication skills to meet the needs of various audience
  • Improve software using skills to develop informative, explanatory and persuasive presentations to a variety of audiences
  • Create different types of budgets and study budget processes
  • Create annual report for making managerial decisions
  • Prepare students to apply administrative and management concepts in a healthcare environment
Total credits:



Bachelor of Science

Program Length

4 years, 120 Credit Hours