Administrative Medical Assisting Certificate Program – AMA

The medical professionals are one of the most in-demand and valuable members of society. This course introduces you to the subject of Administrative Medical Assisting. For those interested in working with doctors and nurses in either a hospital or private practice, this course provides a detailed overview of basic principles needed to qualify for entry-level positions as an administrative medical assistant.

Learning in this course may further your understanding of the medical field, the medical record, and overall customer service skills. Students can expect to learn about computers in the medical office and establish strong telecommunication skills. Welcome to the medical profession!

Although students are not required to take the national licensure exam for Administrative Medical Assisting to graduate from the course, it is highly encouraged. The first attempt at the exam is covered by the student’s tuition for the course.

Program Outcomes

  • Define medical terms
  • Discuss the purpose of professional behavior in the workplace
  • Demonstrate interpersonal skills
  • Demonstrate proficiency with computer applications
  • Identify telephone techniques used in the medical office
  • Describe the purpose of having proper communications
  • Explain the contents of a medical record
  • Explain the basic concepts of coding and billing
  • Illustrate introductory coding and billing skills
  • Identify proper banking services and financial procedures
  • Identify proper management and customer service skills
  • Explain how to assist with medical emergencies
Total credits:




Program Length

16 Weeks